Why Choose Income Protection From Aviva?

Why choose an income protection policy from Aviva?

Other than the obvious main benefits of having an income protection plan to ensure you will continue to have a source of income when you are unable to work, Aviva have recently highlighted some of the reasons why you should choose their product over another life assurance company’s;

1. They cover the greatest number of occupations out of all the life companies.

2. They will provide you with access to Best Doctors as a standard feature of their policy. Only Aviva provides access to this unique high value benefit at no extra cost.

3. The widest range of deferred periods – They offer deferred periods of 4,8,13,26 & 52 weeks.

4. Highest benefits in the market. Up to €250,000 p.a. income protection benefit is available. In addition to this, with Executive Income Protection, a pension premium protection benefit of €50,000 p.a. can also be provided.

5. Continued cover during unemployment. If a customer becomes unemployed, they will continue to cover them on a reduced benefit of €12,000 p.a. on a ‘work tasks’ basis. If they resume work within a year, they will reinstate their benefits.

6. Free Personal Accident Cover (Personal Income Protection ONLY). Cover is provided from the date of signing the proposal form to the date of underwriting decision or up to 90 days if earlier. Further details available.

There are many reasons why you would need and benefit from an income protection plan and likewise, there are also many more reasons why you should pick an Aviva Income Protection Plan over their competitors, not least for the fact that they have just reduced their rates by up to 20%, so if you would like to explore your options further, please contact Brian Whelan on 01 668 6136.

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